Vehicle Maintenance, Mechanical, Electrical Repairs, Service & M.O.T

T & C's

Mr & Mrs Lennox trading as Acorn Garage, accept vehicles for repair, for examination with a view to estimating for repairs, or for any other purpose, only and subject to the following terms and conditions laid out below

  1. Estimates are effective only for 28 days after despatch by the Business
  1. (i) All estimates by the Business are based on the current cost to the Business of labour, materials and spare parts at the date of estimate.
    (ii) If no price is stated or if part only of the work covered by the estimate is carried out the Business shall be entitles to charge a reasonable and proper price for the work done (including any stripping down leading to determination as to the practicability or otherwise of any work and reassembly) and for materials and spare parts supplied.
    (iii) If in the opinion of the Business it is impractical for any reason to carry out any of the work it has been instructed to carry out it shall be entitled to refrain from carrying out or completing such work and to carry out only such work as in the opinion of the Business may be practicable.
  2. Every endeavour will be made to carry out the work by the time desired

  3. Any work done or goods supplied in relation to a vehicle, by the order of any driver in the Customer's employ, or by any person who is reasonably believed to be acting as the Customer's agent, or by the order of any person to whom the Business is entitled to make delivery of the vehicle, shall be paid for by the Customer.

  4. Payment for all repairs and/or spare parts supplied is due on completion of work, but the Business may demand a deposit before commencing or in the course of any work. A repair is completed for the purpose of these conditions when notice has been given that the vehicle is ready for collection.

  5. Where in any case a driver who, so far as the Business is aware, has the authority to collect the vehicle, the Business shall not be responsible to the Customer for any loss or damage resulting, on the grounds that such driver had in fact no such authority, and this notwithstanding that delivery may have been made without payment of the Business account. It shall not be obligatory upon the Business to seek confirmation of the authority of any person reasonably believed to be then, or to have been at some time connected with the Customer.

  6. In connection with any inspection, or contemplated repair, or other purposes for which a vehicle is accepted by the Business, testing, taking the vehicle to the coachbuilders or other specialists, demonstrations, etc., the Customer is deemed, unless express notice in writing is given to the contrary, to have authorised the reasonable driving of the vehicle on the road or elsewhere.

  7. The Customer shall be entitled to the benefit of any warranty to which the Business is entitled as against the manufacturer of parts and materials supplied or any sub-contractor. In the unlikely event of a replaced part failing due to incorrect fitment or the part itself being faulty, Acorn Garage offers the added reassurance of free parts and labour for replacement within 12 months or 12000 miles commencing from the date of original fitment, whichever is earlier.

  8. Any notice to the customer posted to his last known address shall be good notice

  9. The expression 'vehicle' wherever used in these Conditions includes car, lorry, van, trailer, caravan, and as a separate unit or otherwise, engine, axle, gearbox, clutch, generator, starter, battery, and each and every component of a vehicle.

  10. Unless otherwise stated, all service work untaken is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's schedule.

  11. Data Protection Act 1998. Any data collected within the Business will not be disclosed to any external sources without your express written consent.

  12. If courtesy vehicles are available they may be offered on the understanding that customers hold a full UK driving licence and are between the ages of 25 to 70. If insurance is not transferred to the customers own policy and the company excess at that time will apply. A Courtesy care loan sheet must be completed and vehicle condition noted before and after return.

  13. Payment is due on collection of the vehicle either by credit card or debit card. Cash can also be accepted up to a maximum of £9000 UK


A Word From Our Customers

Repair to damaged suspension and shock absorber and MOT.

“I have recommended Acorn to a few friends. You are honest, skilled, professional

Battery /alternator failure

Acorn have always provided me with a very good service and this repairs was no exception

Mot service.

Always polite and helpful. Home collection service. Honest and hard working New control box on car. Polite, friendly, long term customer

Mot, 6500mile service.

Staff were very helpful and friendly, took me to station after dropping car off.